Addvice Sports - gpexe i
Addvice Sports - gpexe i


  • Thermoregulation for low thermal conductivity, for perfect compatibility to any climatic conditions

  • Dryarn® technology, for a top resistance, lightness and breathability

  • Seamless knitted weaving, for a perfect adaptability to the body and a top well-being and comfort

  • Dryarn® breathable barrier, for skin always dry, warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months

  • No pilling and no colour losing over time

  • Long sleeved and sleeveless jersey made of 95% Polypropylene Dryarn® 4% Elastane – 1% Carbon

Addvice Sports - gpexe i


  • 15 slots reinforced suitcase, to protect and easily carry up to 15 devices

  • Inductive charging system, to recharge all your devices, wirelessly

  • 2 hours to completely recharge all your devices at the same time

20 Hz LPS

TDoA technology, to monitor at 20 Hz up to 30 athletes at the same time


5 hours in a row, a long-lasting battery to record several sessions

induction charging, no plugs, no cables needed to charge the battery

OTA firmware update, for an automatic and wireless update of the each tag’s firmware

IP65, fully waterproof and safe

Addvice Sports - gpexe i


  • Automatic Calibration, Exelio’s algorithm, for the system to be fully up and running in a few seconds even when you move it. No need to manually input anchors’ position

  • Information reception from one or more tags, about position and additional locomotion events

  • 10-cm-accuracy position calculating, to have precise information available for both real-time monitoring and storing

  • Data storing, to have the data available post-session

  • Ultra wide band connection, for a 20 Hz real-time transmission of the data to one or more iPads

  • iPad app, to automatically send the information via an internet connection to the gpexe Cloud in a couple of minutes and have all the collected data available on the web app

Addvice Sports - gpexe i


  • Small weight and sizes, to be easily fixed on the wall;

  • Portability, to be easily moved or attached to a tripod;

  • Daisy-chain power supply, for having all the units powered by a single cable connecting them: no need to install a power cable for each anchor.