Addvice Sports - gpexe pro2

18 Hz GPS speed & position tracking, for extremely accurate information;

Inertial unit data tracking, for jumps, impacts and running direction detectio

Heart rate receiver, for integrated HR monitoring with advanced radio technology (no Bluetooth)

Wireless data transfer, to download data from the device to the software in just one click

Live tracking, to monitor on one or more iPads in real-time when your goals have been reached, player by player

Induction charging, no plugs, no cables needed to charge the battery

8 hours in a row, a long-lasting battery and a huge memory to record more sessions before downloading the data

FIFA approved, to use the device in football official games

WORLD RUGBY approved, to use the device in rugby official games

Addvice Sports - gpexe pro2


  • Thermoregulation for low thermal conductivity, for any climatic conditions

  • Dryarn® technology, for a top resistance, lightness and breathability

  • Seamless knitted weaving, for a perfect adaptability to the body

  • Dryarn® breathable barrier, for skin always dry

  • No pilling and no colour losing over time

  • Made of 95% Polypropylene Dryarn® 4% Elastane – 1% Carbon

Addvice Sports - gpexe pro2


  • 15 slots reinforced suitcase, to protect and easily carry up to 15 devices

  • Inductive charging system, to recharge all your devices, wirelessly

  • 2 hours to completely recharge all your devices at the same time

  • 1 USB dongle, for a high-speed wireless data download

Addvice Sports - gpexe pro2


  • An 8,5 x 19 x 6 cm unit, to be easily placed at the pitch-side

  • 1 or more iPads simultaneously connected, for multiple users to receive real-time data

  • Radio Technology, to cover an area with up to 300 m radius

  • 20 Hz data transmission, to have real-time data on the iPad