The interactive sports wall.



MultiBall is designed and built with a clear focus on easy operation and 24/7 reliability. Our system is easy to install and can be used without the need of any explanation or supervision by staff. Simply touch the wall to reach the menu and pick your favorite game or training module. The first ball on the wall starts the application.

The MultiBall BallfinderOS and the real-time motion tracking is designed for real sports applications and professional athletic competitions. That’s why our ball detection is highly reliable and precise in detecting every ball in real time. Any object larger than 4cm can be used to play, even stuffed toys work and there’s also “quiet” balls to avoid noises while playing.


Installing a MultiBall is easy and takes only a few hours following an easy,
step-by-step process in our installation guide. Watch this video to find out more:

Play Video


MultiBall is designed with an extremely high focus on reliability and quality. After all, we’re a German startup and we know how extremely important it is for our clients to rely on our hardware to operate 24/7 under any conditions. This is also why we’re happy to give a standard 5 year warranty on our hardware.

To learn more information about the purchase or rental conditions of any of Multiball's products, please send us a message and get a free demonstration.

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